‘They 100000% thought you were gonna come back on your hands and knees’: Nanny gets fired then rehired within 12 hours for the most absurd reason

Being a nanny really does sound like a pretty tough gig; not only do you have to look after someone else’s baby, but sometimes you also have to deal with the parents acting like babies themselves.

In a video posted to TikTok, booksbychloe, a full-time nanny, shared her dreadful experience being fired by the parents of the baby boy she was nannying. For full context, Chloe says she has been a nanny for about ten years and has been working for this family for about eight months. You’d think after working with them for that long that letting her go wouldn’t be such an easy decision to make, but as Chloe explains it all blew up from something so insignificant a regular person wouldn’t even think twice.


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To briefly summarize the events of the video, Chloe’s employer (the parents) weren’t too happy that she couldn’t hang around after the parents got home late. The next day the mother went off at her, Chloe stood up for herself, texting the parents and asking to speak on Sunday. On Saturday evening, she was fired by text, but then on Sunday morning was rehired by the father — although he doubled down on the assertion that Chloe somehow did something wrong, claiming the reason was her “attitude.” He then asked her to come back tomorrow with a more “positive attitude.” Obviously, Chloe did not take them up on the offer to be re-hired and I can’t say I blame her.

Take the positive attitude and shove it […] the fact that he thought that he could rip me the f*** apart and then be like, ‘so you’re gonna come in with a smile on your face?’ Suck my d***. Thank you. Bye.

It all comes down to how employers talk to their employees, and honestly, I love that people are more willing to stand up to their bosses nowadays. Chloe’s story is a great example of an employer crossing the line when talking to their employee. Although being a nanny is a bit more personal, you’re looking after someone else’s kid after all, it’s a job with an employer and an employee and some people don’t seem to realize that you can’t talk to your nanny the way you would to members of your own family.

You guys have got to be absolutely out of your mind if you think I would allow you to be my boss. I have zero tolerance for abuse from superiors.

The firing and then re-hiring was just the icing on the cake. We’ve heard plenty of stories of employers treating employees as disposable and the comments responding to the story called out the manipulative play.

GOOD FOR YOU!! They 100000% thought you were gonna come back on your hands and knees asking for “forgiveness” and they can play dissaponted Mom and Dad

Others had similar stories to share.

i quit just for this reason. a LOT of parents treat nannie’s as their children and not employees. i hated being talked down to like i’m a child when i’m caring for theirs!

Hopefully Chloe’s employers have learned their lesson this time, although maybe a bit too late as they’ve already lost a good nanny.

By: Jordan Collins
Title: ‘They 100000% thought you were gonna come back on your hands and knees’: Nanny gets fired then rehired within 12 hours for the most absurd reason
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